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5 Ways King Gizzard Beginners Can Prepare For The ‘Murder of the Universe’

Now approaching their 12th project since their fruition in 2011, getting familiar with King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s discography can be a daunting task. Whilst all their material is full of wonderfully brilliant and bonkers ideas, the sheer amount of content can be overwhelming for a beginner. This begs the question, where to begin?

With Murder of the Universe arriving on June 23rd, now is the perfect opportunity to grab onto King Gizzard’s psychedelic reigns and succumb to their mind-altering garage-rock.

1. Start with I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and Nonagon Infinity 

Murder of the Universe makes up the final piece to what many refer to as the Nonagon Trilogy. The other parts of said trilogy are King Gizzard’s 2014 release I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and last year’s Nonagon Infinity. Not only do the three LPs share album covers that depict the same place but at different points in time, IIYMF and NI also the two King Gizzard records that share the most sonic qualities with Murder of the Universe – with some songs even referenced note for note as King Gizzard deliver psychedelic pandemonium.

Thunderous, manic and flat out brilliant, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and Nonagon Infinity are the perfect entry point for Murder of the Universe and it’s story. Which leads to…

2. Gizzverse

Much like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, some fans theorise that King Gizzard have something similar called the Gizzverse. Believing that all of their albums exist narratively in the same universe, even King Gizzard themselves have confirmed that this is the case. An apocalyptic tale of destruction and malice, head over to the King Gizzard subreddit to truly blow your mind.

3. Try Eyes Like The Sky

One key motif of Murder of the Universe is that it features spoken word. However this isn’t the first time the Melbourne outfit have tried this, their 2013 record Eyes Like The Sky was their initial attempt. A short story that takes place in the Wild West, King Gizzard said this album was born from their love of Western films, bad guys, evil guitars and Red Dead Redemption.

4. Buy the record on vinyl 

Another staple of King Gizzard is the plethora of editions each vinyl release receives. For Murder of the Universe alone, there’s already an upward of 6 different vinyl pressings. These range from brilliantly named Vomit Coffin Edition to the Ashes Of The Universe press. So what are you waiting for? Empty your bank account and snap up every version!

5. Join the fans

In recent months, King Gizzard’s online community has grown exponentially. From the King Gizzard subreddit to the King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Official Fan Page on Facebook, these communities are incredibly active. With content ranging from the latest news to King Gizz shitposting, this is the final way to become an certified Gizzhead.

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard To Play Summer Dates In England

Prolific Aussie psych-rock outfit King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have announced that they’ll be playing a small string of dates this summer across England.

Playing in Manchester, London and Field Day Festival throughout June, King Gizzard are set to release a new album in February.

Coming out February 24th, Flying Microtonal Banana will be the first time King Gizzard have recorded and released a record that uses microtonal tuning.

As well as this release, King Gizzard plan to release another four records in 2017.

Dates below

June 3rd, Field Day Festival London
June 14th, Albert Hall Manchester
June 15th, O2 Forum Kentish Town London

Strange Waves 2016 Review

What do you get when you mix various musicians, a hand full of DJs, sweltering heat and enough beer to kill a large heard of cows? Well Strange Waves of course! The lovechild of Manchester promoters Strange Days and Now Wave, this new metropolitan festival promised punters the best in up-and-coming music. Topped by psych-garage rockers King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Strange Waves certainly had all the right ingredients. But should it become an annual staple in Manchester’s music calendar? We at Nothing Left Unsaid decided to head down and see what all the buzz was about.

Beginning the night was Manchester’s very own Charlotte Cannon, who was opening up The Ritz’s basement stage. Up in the main ballroom, Methyl Ethel’s spaced out dream pop was filling the air with infectious precision. Almost channelling shoegaze at points, Methyl Ethel’s set was powerful and spiritual.

Back down at the basement stage was London punk outfit Shame. Praised by the likes of Loud & Quiet and NME, Shame have already been making quite a name for themselves. Beginning on Tasteless, Shame erupt with energy and uncontrollable power. As frontman Charlie Steen howls like Ellery James Roberts of LUH and WU LYF fame, he slaps his face like a man hell bent on his own destruction. Climbing up speaker stacks and making his way into the crowd, Steen is one of the most fascinating and primal frontmen around at the moment. The spoken word The Lick is unforgettable as Steen rolls off line after line, with the rest of the band clanging away and enveloping the crowd in their menacing sound.

strange-waves-scandals8-3Photo by Saesha Blue Ward, https://www.instagram.com/saeshablue/

Described as a “love song of sorts” by Steen, Shame proceeded to play a track about everyone’s favourite lady. “Theresa May, won’t you let me stay, just for one more day” is sung around the basement, whilst everyone sways their arms to the sound of post-Brexit blues. With Steen finishing the set shirtless, and donning a rainbow coloured feather boa and sunglasses, Shame end as they started. Visceral and engaging, Shame aren’t just a success for Strange Waves but also for UK music.

Photo by Saesha Blue Ward, https://www.instagram.com/saeshablue/

The Big Moon followed Methyl Ethel in the main ballroom, playing fan favourites Cupid and Silent Movie Susie. Meanwhile Madrid heroes The Parrots were closing the basement with unprecedented chaos. Tracks such as Let’s Do It Again and No me gustas, te quiero had fans crowd-surfing and absolutely losing themselves in the moment.

Photo by Saesha Blue Ward, https://www.instagram.com/saeshablue/

Headliners King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard were up next, and what a performance they gave. Starting on Nonagon Infinity’s Robot Stop, King Gizzard played over half of the album without stopping. After a blistering twenty-five minutes, which saw the 7-piece play Robot Stop, Big Fig Wasp, Gamma Knife, People-Vultures and Mr Beat, King Gizzard announced that they’d be playing some new tracks. Going by the names The Balrog, Lord of Lightening and Crumbling Castle, these tracks are sure to turn up on the band’s inevitable 2nd 2016 release.

The collective I’m In Your Mind, I’m Not In Your Mind and Cellophane came along and melted the brains of everyone in The Ritz. Invoking mass hysteria, the audience was a sea of flailing limbs and manic screams. King Gizzard were causing utmost carnage and it was spectacular. Even Trap Door from their acoustic album Paper Mâché Dream Balloon had everyone goggle-eyed and insane.

Ending on the rest of Nonagon Infinity, with Quarters!River thrown in for good measure, King Gizzard showcased why they are considered one of the industry’s most hard working bands. Not only do they have a prolific output of material, but they also back it up with an incredible live show. They’re truly remarkable.

Photo by Saesha Blue Ward, https://www.instagram.com/saeshablue/

Ending the whole night was everyone’s favourite surf-rockers, The Wytches. Showcasing tracks off of their upcoming album, All Your Happy Life (released 30th September), Kristian Bell & co didn’t hold back. The new material sees the band at the heaviest they’ve ever been, with the recent addition of new fourth member Mark Breed certainly adding another dynamic to the group. Even older tracks such as Digsaw and Wide At Midnight have received the more heavier treatment, giving them a new lease of life. Twisted, wicked and downright amazing, The Wytches proved once again that they are a formidable live act.

Photo by Saesha Blue Ward, https://www.instagram.com/saeshablue/

So was the Strange Waves a success? In short, yes. It’s a night to celebrate the work that Strange Days and Now Wave do for the city. Week after week, they both bring in the best names in music to Manchester. Without them, Manchester’s music scene wouldn’t be the same. So here’s to another year of amazing gigs and Strange Waves 2017.

Liam Egan

Preview – Strange Waves 2016

Here at Nothing Left Unsaid, we absolutely revel in the prospect of one day inner city festivals. The mixture of a festival line-up with the setting of a gig, we can’t get enough of them. The latest soirée that we can’t stop thinking about is this year’s Strange Waves. Organised by Manchester promoters Strange Days and Now Wave, Strange Waves takes place on the 9th of September at Manchester’s O2 Ritz. Boasting a line-up of some of the best artists around at the moment, here’s a quick run through of the acts that’ll be gracing both floors of The Ritz.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Headlining the whole day is Melbourne septet King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Notorious for their raucous live shows, and their impressively frequent musical output, the psychedelic garage rockers are worth the price of admission alone. With their never ending concept album Nonagon Infinity being released earlier this year, King Gizzard are sure to end the night with kaleidoscopic insanity.

The Wytches

The next band on the bill is Brighton based trio The Wytches. Known for their blood gurgling lo-fi surf rock, The Wytches will more than likely wreak havoc within The Ritz. With their sophomore record All Your Happy Life being released a couple of weeks after Strange Waves, fans should expect lots of new material in their set.

The Big Moon

Having supported the likes of Mac DeMarco and Mystery Jets, The Big Moon are quickly making a name for themselves. Their mixture of swaggering indie and pop sensibilities has got them touted for great things. Make sure to catch their set before they start selling out bigger venues and it becomes impossible to pick up a ticket.

Methyl Ethel

The second act on the bill to come from Australia is Perth based Methyl Ethel, who are set to bring tracks from their latest record Oh Inhumane Spectacle. Methyl Ethel’s shimmering dream pop has certainly got Nothing Left Unsaid excited, and we think you’ll feel the same after you see them.

The Parrots

Hailing from Madrid, the garage punkers The Parrots will be chaperoning their sultry tunes to Manchester. With tracks like Let’s Do It Again and No me gustas, te quiero strutting around like a 90s kid with a shiny Charizard Pokémon card, The Parrots will become your favourite musicians to come out of Madrid since Enrique Iglesias.


Craving for the next big thing? Well you’re in luck because London poet-punk outfit Shame are on the Strange Waves line-up. Shame are giving the industry a much needed shake up, with their track The Lick being one of this year’s best tracks. For fans of The Fall and The Fat White Family, miss them and you’ll regret it for the foreseeable future.


Charlotte Cannon

Finally we have Manchester’s very own Charlotte Cannon. With comparisons to Nina Simone and Björk, Charlotte is one the most exciting up-and-coming singer-songwriters around at the moment. Coupled with her Roland Piano Keyboard, Charlotte’s set will kick the day off in style.


There’s also a bunch of DJs lined up as well throughout the day, now that’s good isn’t it?

You can buy tickets for Strange Waves at the link below!


Liam Egan

Best Albums of 2016 (So Far)

So it’s finally here! After much anticipation, here is Nothing Left Unsaid’s ‘Best Albums of 2016 (So Far)’ list. All entries had to be released before the 1st of July of this year, so sorry ScHoolBoy Q and The Avalanches but you’ll have to wait until the end of the year. Also, as much as we love Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered, we’re not including it in this list because we’re classing it as a compilation of sorts. But before we begin, here’s a selection of honourable mentions.

Blood Orange – Freetown Sound
Death Grips – Bottomless Pit
Savages – Adore Life
Skepta – Konnichiwa
YAK – Alas Salvation

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It

10. Ulrika Spacek – The Album Paranoia

Kicking off our list is the debut record from London based quintet Ulrika Spacek. Featuring members of Reading based shoegazers Tripwires, The Album Paranoia pulls heavy from Krautrock, shoegaze and neo-psychedelia. For fans of TOY, this LP is one of this year’s essential listens.

9. James Blake – The Colour In Anything

After his 2013 Mercury Prize Award winning album Overgrown, James Blake surprised fans back in May when he unexpectedly released The Colour In Anything overnight. Featuring a stunning collaboration with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, The Colour In Anything will more than likely gain the post-dubstep luminary another deserved Mercury Prize Award nomination.

8. Wild Nothing  – Life Of Pause

Following his incredible sophomore album Nocturne, Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing returned earlier in the year with latest effort Life Of Pause. Continuing his excellent form, Life Of Pause displays a musician who’s honing on his craft with positive results. Coated in lavish synths and shimming guitars, Life Of Pause is a record definitely worth checking out this summer.

7. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Nonagon Infinity

On their tenth release since 2011, King Gizzard set out on their most ambitious project to date. The premise of Nonagon Infinity is that it’s an album that never ends, meaning the final track leads directly into the album’s opener. This results in a non-stop psychedelic frenzy that drags you into a trippy black hole that can’t escape from. It’s fucking bonkers and we absolutely love it here at Nothing Left Unsaid.

6. FEWS – Means

At the start of the year, Nothing Left Unsaid wasn’t aware of FEWS. However after hearing their debut, we can’t get enough of them. This full throttle post-punk record is filled with tonnes of gorgeous melodies that have got us wanting more. For fans of DIIV, definitely check this out.

5. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

It’s always an exciting time when rumours start to spread of a new Radiohead album. A Moon Shaped Pool is the ninth studio album from Radiohead and it’ll be memorialised as one of their best. AMSP is a heartwrenching, powerful and emotive experience, but my god it’s beautiful. Featuring some tracks that had been penned by the band for a while but never properly released, True Love Waits dates back to 1995, this album has technically been years in the making and it’s breathtaking.

4. Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo

Described as “a living breathing changing creative expression” by Yeezy, West has made multiple changes to The Life Of Pablo album after its release. With the album now finishing with the track Saint Pablo featuring Sampha, it seems we may have final version of TLOP. And what an album it is. With features from Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper, to name a few, TLOP was definitely worth the wait. Its fragmented nature and rush of various ideas gives us a glimpse into what it’s like inside West’s creative mind, while further showcasing how he will be remembered as one of the true musical greats.

3. DIIV – Is The Is Are

After months and months of uncertainty and doubt, DIIV finally released a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Oshin. Returning with a double LP, DIIV recorded an album of two distinct halves. The first half being more akin to their debut, with tracks like Under The Sun and Out Of Mind jangling away like it’s 2012. Whilst the second half is much darker, with Mire (Grant’s Song) and Dust being a more twisted and pained affair. It’s a sonically stunning record and we absolutely love it.

2. Eagulls – Ullages

A sort of surprise at number 2 is Eagulls’ second album Ullages. Not that we doubted them or anything, we loved their self-titled debut, but we were totally blown away by this release. Developing their sound with beautiful melancholy landscapes, Eagulls have really made a wonderful record here. When the end of the year comes by, this LP will be regarded as one this year’s best. Plus, we absolutely adore their track Velvet (check it out below).

1. LUH – Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing

And the number one spot goes to LUH’s Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing. Project of Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn, the couple’s debut is the most inspiring and important record to be released this year. The world is dark and twisted place at the moment, but with LUH, we all might be able to find a sliver of solace and hope. Ellery’s calls to action, accompanied Ebony’s serene vocals, juxtapose each other brilliantly to create something that is truly powerful and unique. With incredible instrumentation and production, SSFLTS is the work of two people who strive for perfection. It just so happens that they achieved that and made our favourite record of this year (so far).