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‘Jamie T – Don’t You Find’ Track Review

HE’S FUCKING BACK! Jamie T is finally back. After nearly 5 years without new material, Jamie T has released a new track titled Don’t You Find. With rumours of him training with Tibetan Monks to starting a new life in Latvia as a zoo keeper, his return to music has been much anticipated from fans and critics alike. Both of his albums, especially his debut Panic Prevention, were the soundtracks to many teenager’s youth and his music was praised for how it addressed elements of UK youth culture.

For his new track you may think Jamie T has matured in his absence.  He’s no longer that young whippersnapper who was running around causing havoc to Sticks ‘n’ Stones. Instead the overall vibe is a lot more moody and is very melancholy. There’s hints of James Blake and certain tones call back to the Damon Albarn album released earlier this year. With a simple beat that plays in the background throughout, Jamie T layers on top numerous elements that aren’t always audible on the first couple of playthroughs and may require a few more listens for you to discover them all.

The track begins with just Jamie T playing his guitar and him singing the vocals “Don’t you find, some of the time, there is always someone on your mind, that shouldn’t be at all, in any place or any kind.”, with a subtle electronic synth in the background. This continues to the first of three musical interludes within the song which are layered with numerous synths and textures. Each time it gets to an interlude more components are added to it. When we get to the final interlude we have samples of strings, ghostly “aaah aaah aaah’s”  and distorted vocals from Jamie. Then these are met with haunting “ooohs” and jittery synths that sound like they are manifesting themselves inside your mind.

A lot of people will like this new sound but a lot won’t be too happy with this departure. I think it’s a good curveball and I’m really excited to see what he has next to show us. He’s been away for a long time and it was sort of inevitable that his sound will have altered. However I wouldn’t be surprised if there are moments in his new material where he’ll be the same Jamie T that we loved all them years ago.


Liam Egan