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Jagwar Ma Cover Solange – Losing You

In the second instalment of this cover song article thingy (can’t think of a name for it yet), we’re looking at Jagwar Ma’s cover of Solange’s track Losing You. Before Jagwar Ma even got their hands on it, Losing You was already a banger. Beyonce’s younger sister had released one of the best tracks of 2012 and showed everyone the correct way to make pop music.


So get one of the best tracks from the last few years and couple it with one of the best artists from recent memory and BOOM you’ve got a winning combination right there. They give it the whole Jagwar Ma treatment, so plenty of dance beat loops, stellar vocals and chilled vibes, and it’s a million times better than the original. If you haven’t already heard it then what are you playing at? Like seriously, what have you been doing this past year? Go below and click that play button, thank me later.


Liam Egan


Eagulls cover The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored

In these articles I’ll be looking at my favourite song covers from different bands. They’ll range from old to new covers and this week we’re starting with Leeds based band Eagulls, who have recently covered The Stone Roses. Obviously we all know who The Stone Roses are right? They created one of the based debut records of all time and have inspired numerous bands since then. Yet not all of you may be familiar with Eagulls. If you are then top marks for you and if not then I recommend start listening to them straight after you’ve finished reading.

For this cover Eagulls don’t really stray from the original in terms of sound. They could have gone all out aggressive like their tracks Hollow Visions or Fester/Blister but instead they chose to remain faithful to the 1989 classic. The guitars wail due to all the pedals that they use and guitarist Mark Goldsworthy uses a hand held electric fan as a makeshift EBow. It sounds awesome and it gives the track a really vicious feral vibe to it. However the best part of the cover is the vocals from frontman George Mitchell. They fit perfectly with the track as he moans the words ‘I wanna be adored’. Obviously the original is pretty much flawless but this Post-Punk interpretation comes close.


Liam Egan