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4 Reasons Why You Should Go To The British Sound Project 2017

With British Sound Project 2017 rapidly approaching (it’s this weekend), we at Nothing Left Unsaid are here to tell you that you should cancel all your plans for the 29th/30th and make your way to Victoria Warehouse.

1. The Venue

As we just mentioned, British Sound Project will be taking place once again at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse. Built in the 1900s, this industrial space remains one of the best venues in the city and is the former home of the Warehouse Project, making it the perfect backdrop for this celebration of brilliant music.

2. Foals DJ Set

If you’re anything like us, then you’re praying for a Foals tour to happen soon. Yes they played festivals over the summer, but we need to be back in the sweaty packed out rooms chanting Two Steps Twice. Well unfortunately that might be some time away due to the Oxford quintet currently writing their fifth record, which is probably only in the early stages… However, British Sound Project are bringing the next best thing with a Foals DJ set lined up. So we aren’t getting What Went Down, but Yannis and co. will certainly be showing us how to get down! (Sorry for the dad joke…)

3. The Trinity

A few years ago, all the cool kids (that includes us, we’re not that old) lived for the trinity of The Horrors, TOY and The Wytches. The combination of post-punk, neo-psych and garage was the perfect teen-angst cocktail. Now you can probably tell where this is going… Yep, they’re all on the line-up! So give yourself a middle parting, don your stripey turtleneck and pretend it’s 2012 all over again, except now you’ve got a 9-5 job and student loans to pay…

4. The Price

What’s that? Tickets are only £30 for a day (£20 if you’re student) and £50 for the weekend? Oh boy, that’s some mega deals there my dudes!

So what are you waiting for? Go buy a ticket, go on!

Friday 29th
Saturday 30th

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The British Sound Project Battle of the Bands Preview

Looking for something to do this Friday in Manchester? Then make your way to Dive NQ for this year’s British Sound Project Battle of the Bands. In association with The British Sound Project Festival that is taking place on the 29th and 30th of September at Victoria Warehouse, whose line-up feature White Lies, The Horrors, Twin Atlantic, Foals (DJ Set) and much more, Friday’s Battle of the Bands will see four North West acts competing for a chance to play at the festival.

After their recent support slot with up-and-coming local heroes Proletariat, King Kartel are in fine form and are ready to scoop-up a set at the festival. Singer-songwriter Ryan Jarvis, The Mantells and Partisan will also be fighting for a slot. With all four acts having a strong local following, it’s anyone’s game at the moment.

Closing the night will be everyone’s favourite XS Radio presenter and Manchester music legend Clint Boon, who’ll be doing a DJ set afterwards.

Advance tickets are available for £4 (plus booking fee) at Skiddle

Tickets for British Sound Project are also available at Skiddle for the 29th and 30th

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Toothpaste bring sparkling dream pop for debut ‘TV Years’

After lending their trade to a variety of musical projects in London’s indie scene over the recent years, Toothpaste sees Amol Prabhu (Vocals, Guitar), Daisy Edwards (Bass), Poppy Waring (Keys) and Sami Parisis (Drums) promising “minty fresh pop bangers” and “okayish oral hygiene”.

With their debut TV Years, Toothpaste bring us a slice of sparkling dream pop. From the slinky guitars to the gorgeous and velvety synths, frontman Amol Prabhu’s idyllic vocals glide over the instrumentation exquisitely as he explores the detachment between people in the post-modern world in which we inhibit.

A dazzling, vivid and memorable listen, Toothpaste have not only released a brilliant debut track, but have also shared one of the best dream pop tracks of the year.

By Liam Egan

Photo by Max Phythian

FEWS Share New Single ‘Metal’

After the release of LaGuardia earlier this year, FEWS have shared another track titled Metal. Another descent into a sinister and twisted abyss, Metal is further indication that FEWS’ next project will be a much darker.

Both these tracks follow their incredible debut record Means, which was released last year.

FEWS are also set to tour with a string of live dates, two of which are with Pixies

27th July, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. UK
29th July, Kendall Calling, Kendall. UK
7th August, Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow. UK (w/ Pixies)
8th August, Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow. UK (w/ Pixies)
16th September, HopPopHop Festival, Orleans. France

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5 Ways King Gizzard Beginners Can Prepare For The ‘Murder of the Universe’

Now approaching their 12th project since their fruition in 2011, getting familiar with King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s discography can be a daunting task. Whilst all their material is full of wonderfully brilliant and bonkers ideas, the sheer amount of content can be overwhelming for a beginner. This begs the question, where to begin?

With Murder of the Universe arriving on June 23rd, now is the perfect opportunity to grab onto King Gizzard’s psychedelic reigns and succumb to their mind-altering garage-rock.

1. Start with I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and Nonagon Infinity 

Murder of the Universe makes up the final piece to what many refer to as the Nonagon Trilogy. The other parts of said trilogy are King Gizzard’s 2014 release I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and last year’s Nonagon Infinity. Not only do the three LPs share album covers that depict the same place but at different points in time, IIYMF and NI also the two King Gizzard records that share the most sonic qualities with Murder of the Universe – with some songs even referenced note for note as King Gizzard deliver psychedelic pandemonium.

Thunderous, manic and flat out brilliant, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and Nonagon Infinity are the perfect entry point for Murder of the Universe and it’s story. Which leads to…

2. Gizzverse

Much like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, some fans theorise that King Gizzard have something similar called the Gizzverse. Believing that all of their albums exist narratively in the same universe, even King Gizzard themselves have confirmed that this is the case. An apocalyptic tale of destruction and malice, head over to the King Gizzard subreddit to truly blow your mind.

3. Try Eyes Like The Sky

One key motif of Murder of the Universe is that it features spoken word. However this isn’t the first time the Melbourne outfit have tried this, their 2013 record Eyes Like The Sky was their initial attempt. A short story that takes place in the Wild West, King Gizzard said this album was born from their love of Western films, bad guys, evil guitars and Red Dead Redemption.

4. Buy the record on vinyl 

Another staple of King Gizzard is the plethora of editions each vinyl release receives. For Murder of the Universe alone, there’s already an upward of 6 different vinyl pressings. These range from brilliantly named Vomit Coffin Edition to the Ashes Of The Universe press. So what are you waiting for? Empty your bank account and snap up every version!

5. Join the fans

In recent months, King Gizzard’s online community has grown exponentially. From the King Gizzard subreddit to the King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Official Fan Page on Facebook, these communities are incredibly active. With content ranging from the latest news to King Gizz shitposting, this is the final way to become an certified Gizzhead.

Liam Egan

‘TOPS – Sugar at the Gate’ Album Review

After the success of 2014’s Picture You Staring, Montreal’s TOPS moved to LA to write their much-anticipated follow up. Described as a “teenage fantasy” by vocalist Jane Perry, Sugar at the Gate was recorded in a mini-mansion and former brothel in which the band were living in. But with this new setting and high expectations, has it affected TOPS’ psyche?

Arriving with the skeletal beat of Cloudy Skies, fluttering guitars transcend as Jane Perry’s celestial vocals glide into a sea of enveloping synths. Perry’s exquisite voice carries onto Further, which finds TOPS really pursuing the soft rock tag as luscious keys nestle next to velvety percussion. Seconds Erase, with its halcyon instrumentation, is utterly gorgeous and fits perfectly next to the flute embellished I Just Wanna Make You Real.

However, TOPS make sure to not compartmentalise themselves to this aesthetic across the record. The sensual Marigold & Gray is full of groove, whilst the lyrical delivery of Cutlass Cruiser has a low-key attitude running throughout. Dayglow Bimbo is full of lo-fi sounding guitars and Topless even has an almost trip-hop vibe to its beats and atmosphere.

As for the album’s bona fide centrepiece, that’s where Fleetwood Mac-esque Petals comes in. A sun-kissed journey down California’s west coast, this laid-back yet driving ride really captures the band’s relocation to LA.

With Sugar at the Gate, TOPS’ ability to craft such an eclectic bunch of tracks is a real testament to their existence. Setting them apart from the plethora of indie rock bands that have become far too comfortable with their sound, TOPS have refused to remain stagnant and have created a record that, not only thoroughly belongs alongside the rest of their discography, but also opens up numerous avenues in which they can explore in the future.


Liam Egan

The Horrors Share New Single ‘Machine’

Following 2014’s Luminous, The Horrors have finally shared the first bit of material off of the band’s presumed fifth album.

An industrial soiree into the heart of darkness, Machine gives an early sonic indication of where The Horrors are heading musically.

Alongside the release of Machine, The Horrors have also announced a small London show at Omeara for July 11th.

The rest of The Horrors live dates are below:

6th July, Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris. France
11th July, Omeara, London. UK
13th July, Portamerica, Caldas de Reis. Spain
14th July, Henham Park, Southwold. UK
19th August, Hostess Club All Nighter 2017, Tokyo. Japan
26th August, Hellow Festival 2017, Monterrey. Mexico
30th August, Zona Dogana, Treviso. Italy
30th September, Victoria Warehouse, Manchester. UK

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