Toothpaste bring sparkling dream pop for debut ‘TV Years’

After lending their trade to a variety of musical projects in London’s indie scene over the recent years, Toothpaste sees Amol Prabhu (Vocals, Guitar), Daisy Edwards (Bass), Poppy Waring (Keys) and Sami Parisis (Drums) promising “minty fresh pop bangers” and “okayish oral hygiene”.

With their debut TV Years, Toothpaste bring us a slice of sparkling dream pop. From the slinky guitars to the gorgeous and velvety synths, frontman Amol Prabhu’s idyllic vocals glide over the instrumentation exquisitely as he explores the detachment between people in the post-modern world in which we inhibit.

A dazzling, vivid and memorable listen, Toothpaste have not only released a brilliant debut track, but have also shared one of the best dream pop tracks of the year.

By Liam Egan

Photo by Max Phythian


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