The Drums Announce New Album “Abysmal Thoughts”, Also Share Single

The Drums have announced that their next record will be titled “Abysmal Thoughts” and is set to be released on June 16th via Anti Records. Recorded in LA and Upstate New York by founder Jonny Pierce, “Abysmal Thoughts” is the follow up to 2014’s Encyclopedia.

The first track from the album (Blood Under My Belt) has also been released, which can be found below alongside the album’s tracklisting and pre-order.

“Abysmal Thoughts”


1. Mirror
2. I’ll Fight for Your Life
3. Blood Under My Belt
4. Heart Basel
5. Shoot the Sun Down
6. Head of the Horse
7. Under the Ice
8. Are U Fucked
9. Your Tenderness
10. Rich Kids
11. If All We Share (Means Nothing)
12. Abysmal Thoughts

Pre-order: Store, iTunes, Amazon

Liam Egan

Photo by Moni Haworth


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