FEWS Deliver Sonic Intensity With ‘LaGuardia’

After the release of their incredible debut record Means, FEWS became one of 2016’s best hidden gems. A collection of reverb riddled post-punk tracks, Means was an album that knew exactly what it wanted to achieve and it did so masterfully. With claustrophobic vocals and frantic soundscapes that sprawled uncontrollably, FEWS came across as a band who were bursting to get themselves heard.

Now in 2017, FEWS have shared what can only be presumed to be a track off their next upcoming project. Titled LaGuardia, after the revolutionary 20th century politician of the same name, this is a track that builds on what FEWS experimented with at the end of Means. Closing that record was the 8 minute krautrock goliath Ill. An incredibly dense and pummeling track, Ill showed the heights that FEWS could reach.

Now with LaGuardia, whilst only coming in at just under 4 minutes, it still packs the venom that Ill did. Mainly instrumental, the track is astonishingly layered and compact.As it pulsates, you find yourself feeling more and more isolated in it’s post-punk grandeur. The only vocals in the track are “I understand that resistance is something good/ I accept this”, which come in about halfway through and proceed the sonic anarchy that soon follows. With twisted guitars that pierce with menacing precision and pain stricken screams, LaGuardia collapses into a sea of darkness. A murky and contorted track, LaGuardia is a wonderfully crafted listen.


Liam Egan


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