‘Dose – Bloom’ Track Review

“Maybe it’s popular because the world seems like a really sad and alienating place to be in right now. Maybe the discord of ‘shoegaze’ is an auditory mirror of that. A confused reaction in sound.” This slice of wisdom comes from Jonathan Relph of Toronto based shoegazers Indoor Voices. Nothing Left Unsaid interviewed him shortly after the release of his band’s latest EP, and this quote is something that has particularly stuck with us over these past few months. The idea that shoegaze is gaining recognition and momentum once again because how fucked up things are at the moment, truly is a unique way of looking at the revival. Now with this release from Dose, we believe this concept to be even more true than ever.

The Newcastle quintet have just shared the debut track Bloom and, if it’s anything to go by, Dose could prove to be one North-East act to keep an eye on in the coming months. Bloom begins with subtle and idyllic melodies, that weave and interlock as they are soaked in ambient effects. Initially reminiscent of 90s shoegaze, the more you listen, the more you realise that Dose actually hide something much darker. The guitars are intoxicating and you feel like they are corrupting you, as they slowly bed themselves into your consiousness. In comes a pulsating krautrock beat and, before you know it, you’re swept into what feels like the second half of DIIV’s 2016 album Is The Is Are. The melancholy vocals are moody and add so much to the already striking soundscape that Dose have created.

Jonathan’s idea of shoegaze being an auditory mirror to the world is displayed through Dose’s Bloom perfectly. Our world is seemingly so beautiful but also so depraved in its ways, and that’s exactly what Dose have displayed here.


Liam Egan


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