Introducing Crimsons

Formed in 2015 and boasting “more flower power than your local bakers” (a direct quote from the band themselves), Crimsons are one of the most intriguing bands to come out of Manchester’s recent musical surge. Consisting of Sam Cartwright (Vocals/Guitar), Lucas Berry (Bass) and Adam Kenny (Drums), the self-confessed “melody makers [and] hip shakers” have just released their debut single I Bring The Rain.

A dark and brooding dose of psychedelia, drummer Kenny drives the track along with unrelenting force. At times being almost theatrical, I Bring The Rain is aided along with haunting piano chords and gothic undertones. Frontman Sam Cartwright’s breathy vocals are effortless and ooze style. Flashes of guitars are scattered throughout and add to the track’s dramatic and unpredictable nature. Bassist Berry’s full-bodied bass revels in its own menacing and ominous aura, which creates another instrumental dynamic to Crimsons. Culminating with a burst of scuttering guitars and frantic percussion, I Bring The Rain ends with spectacularly arranged chaos.

Listen to I Bring The Rain below.

Catch Crimsons at the Kings Arms Festival on the 16th-18th of September, and also supporting Johnny Lloyd on the 4th of October at Manchester’s Gullivers.

Liam Egan


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