Introducing Vulture Authority

In this first instalment of Nothing Left Unsaid’s ‘Introducing’ series, we’re proud to acquaint you all with Vulture Authority. The Manchester trio, consisting of Fionn Fallon (Vocals/Guitar), Tom Taylor (Bass) and Andy Stephens (Drums), describe themselves as the “rock band of the revolution mate” and have just released their self-titled debut EP. Recorded at Big City Jack’s Recording Studio, the four track EP is a mixture of effortless punk and sharp tongued wit.

The hasty and scuzzy Velveteen At Eighteen kicks off the EP with a great sense of urgency and desire. This is quickly followed by the rumbling Flight Mode, which features a riff that wouldn’t look out of place if John Squire played on The Stone Roses’ debut. Against Humanity is introduced by a menacing bass riff from Taylor, which sets the tone for the rest of the track. As Fallon sings about how he’s going to “rip the world a-fucking-part”, Vulture Authority swagger with malicious jurisdiction. Carcinogenic sees Vulture Authority “abolishing monarchies” in their quest to get “fucking anything.” Much like the rest of the EP, it’s raw and stands for no messing.

Vulture Authority’s EP is available for streaming in full over at SoundCloud, at the link below.

Facebook – Vulture Authority 

Twitter – @VA_HQ

Liam Egan


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