Single Review : Diiv // Dopamine 

A review on DIIV’s new single Dopamine that we wrote for Setlisted.


About fucking time ey? With still no official release date for DIIV’s sophomore Is The Is Are, scheduled for sometime this Autumn, it was started to look questionable if it would actually come out this year. Well DIIV fans rejoice because Cole has finally released a finished track off the album. The track, titled Dopamine, is the first bit of studio recorded material since 2012’s Oshin. Within seconds of Dopamine playing, it’s instantly clear that these past three years have changed DIIV’s sound in a few ways. Firstly this is DIIV’s most expansive sounding track to date and it’s crammed with some of the catchiest melodies they’ve ever recorded. Drenched in the usual reverb we’ve come to expect from DIIV, Dopamine feels much darker compared to the majority of Oshin. Not only does this work really well, it also captures the pure essence of a DIIV live show. Cole’s vocals…

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Album Review : Foals // What Went Down 

A review on Foals’ new album What What Down that we wrote for Setlisted.


When Foals headlined Bestival a year ago and announced that they would be taking a break of up to 18 months, fans mourned for days. However the heartbreak was over 10 months later when Foals resurfaced and announced that their new album would be released in August. Frontman Yannis Philippakis promised fans that it would be their heaviest and loudest record to date and first single What Went Down especially supported this claim. Having preformed secret sets at both Reading and Leeds Festival during the album’s release weekend, we can all finally delve into what this latest record has to offer as we all recover from R&L disease.Opening with What Went Down, Foals expose themselves at their most aggressive and savage. The pulsating krautrock beat is such a violent rush that makes you feel like you’re being chased by a predator. Yannis’ vocals are abrasive and fierce, to the point…

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