‘Sweet White – Tides’ Track Review

What’s that I hear? You want to listen to a band that’s been described as having “Funky grooves lined with darker tones” or “Sharp indie-rock numbers guided by pop sensibilities.”? Well looks like you’ve clicked on the right link that Liam Egan has shared multiple times… Sweet White are a 5-piece indie band from Peterhead in Scotland who have been described exactly as this and have just released their fantastic new track ‘Tides’ to the world.

Entering the fold with a baggy beat and biting guitars, Tides is laced with reverb and thick notes from bassist James Butcher. Creating vast amounts of space and imposing ambience, Sweet White have clear high ambitions.

As Tides progresses into its chorus, it bursts with zeal and determination. Transforming into a maelstrom of thrashing guitars and ferocious drums from Shaun Wilson, it becomes a full blown assault on the senses.  However, frontman Jake Cordiner delivers his vocals in such a calm manner throughout and the result is a perfect contrast between him and the hysteria that’s happening all around. With a slight gruffness and a Scottish twang, Cordiner adds a whole new element and dimension to Sweet White.

Tides is maleficent and unforgiving but also somehow manages to be brooding and tranquil at the same time. With exemplary guitar work from Kyle Drysdale and Ruairidh Sandison, Sweet White’s Tides is certainly one of the the new indie tracks you’ll remember when we come to the end of 2015.

If you like all things Scottish then you’re in luck because you can catch Sweet White supporting Baby Strange at their Aberdeen gig in October, tickets can be bought below.


Liam Egan