Breeze Interview

Let me take you back to 2012, ah weren’t those simpler times. Breaking Bad still hadn’t finished, Years & Years weren’t polluting the airwaves and, most importantly, the B-Town scene was thriving. Peace and Swim Deep were bossing it and bands like JAWS and Superfood were just starting to build fanbases. It seemed like every week a new band would arise from the scene and be instantly hailed as ‘the next big thing’. But now it seems like the B-Town scene isn’t as prevalent as it was. Peace, Swim Deep, JAWS and Superfood have all flown the nest and 2015 seems a lot darker than what 2012 was. For starters Breaking Bad is over and everywhere we go we hear Years & Years, what a horrible world to live in. But wait a second, what’s this? Potentially a band to revive the B-Town scene? I met with Birmingham three piece Breeze before their Manchester and festival debut at Dot to Dot Festival and had a *inserts cheeky Nando’s emoji* chat.

Firstly welcome to Manchester, how are you finding it?

Paul – It’s amaze.
Josh – Everything is really close together, like you don’t have to walk miles.  Like literally you walk around one corner to one place and then I’ve got Google Maps out to find the next place and it’s only 2 minutes down the road.
Jack – As Josh said, everywhere i just 5 minutes away. You go out of one place and then you’re somewhere else, it’s sweet.
Josh – We got the venue at 1 and  we spoke to the guy, he didn’t have a clue what was going on… He said to us just stay in this square and you’ll find everything, so in that way it’s been great.

So being from Birmingham, you instantly get labelled to being in this ‘B-Town scene’. I was just wondering if you think the B-Town scene is still a thing?

Paul – It did die down for a little bit… As soon as Peace and Swim Deep signed to bigger labels, it definitely went quiet. I think JAWS did bring it back in a pretty big way. A lot of people have been saying B-Town for us, so we’re hoping to keep it going as long as we can.
Josh – A lot of Birmingham blogs who’ve made contact or speak about us, when we release a new song or announce a gig, it’s always ‘B-Town’ or ‘Fresh out of B-Town’ blah blah blah. NME as well a few weeks ago put us down as B-Town, so a lot of what we do is being put under that label.
Jack – I didn’t even know there was a B-Town scene until I joined these two…

Tracks like Sellotape and Bleach sound like JAWS, early Swim Deep and Huskies have all come together. This dreamy reverb sound, is this something you strived for or did it just happen?

Paul – When we first started messing around with sounds, it was all over the place. We always had reverb but at one point it was proper Maccabees and then we started going grungy, like Peace and JAWS-esque. Somehow it all mashed together into what we’ve got now.
Josh – It is good that people are relating us to Peace and JAWS because they ended up doing really well, so yeah that’s nice. We do sort of stick with the same vibe because when we got the first two songs out we couldn’t really change. When we first got together we got in a room and said let’s make a song like The Maccabees and it just wasn’t happening, it was just a pile of shit. Then somehow we got this out of it.

Bleach is your latest track, tell me a bit about it? Where did you record it?

Jack – Magic Garden in Wolverhampton.
Josh – Brilliant place.
Paul – Gaz and Joe who work there are amazing, they get us so well. We walk in and we’re like we want this kind of vibe and they’re like ‘yeah I got you’ and it’s done.
Josh – Our first track Dalliance is terrible quality. We recorded it in this place in Birmingham and it just wasn’t good at all. So after that we were really disappointed with how it came out so I messaged Connor from JAWS on Twitter saying we needed somewhere really good to record and he told us about Magic Garden, we’d never heard of it before. But now that we’ve been there, I don’t think we’d go anywhere else. They know exactly what they’re doing every time we go.

So when you record material, is there a set route that you take each time or isn’t a different process for each track?

Jack – I think the same.
Paul – Always drums first.
Jack – Yeah always drums first then we lay a little bit of guitar down.
Josh – We always record a rough demo before we record properly. Once we’ve got the basics of drums, two guitars and vocals laid down, we’re like ‘you know what, we’ll put some synth here’ and stuff like that.
Paul – It’s quite funny how we do that because we get the rough track and listen back to it and say ‘we sound shit, this is going to come out really shit’… We then leave it to Gaz and Joe to work their magic.
Josh –  There’s a KFC around the corner from the studio and every time we go there with our heads in our hands thinking we’ve done terrible. Then we go back and they’ve done whatever that they have done and it’s fucking brilliant.

You looking forward to playing later?

Jack – Yes!
Josh – I am now, I was really tired about an hour ago but now i’m getting the buzz. I’m excited, just anticipating how many people are going to show up.

Have you played Manchester before?

Jack – No never.
Paul – There’s always a good feeling about playing a new city because it’s whole new crowd that you’ve never played for before.
Josh – We played Camden at the end of March with a band that we know and they got us the support. That was easy one of the best times we’ve played.
Jack – I was a bit nervous going in to Camden but for some reason today I’m really looking forward to it

So when are we likely to see a next single?

Jack – EP next hopefully
Paul – We’re going to use Sellotape again as kind of the intro to it then two completely new tracks. By the time it’s released, summer will have gone so it’s going to be quite Sellotapey.
Josh – It’s going to be more downtone to Bleach.
Paul – Bleach is a summer track.
Josh – Sellotape is more downbeat, so we’re going with that sort of vibe for the EP. It should be four tracks.
Jack – If all goes to plan.
Paul – Speaking about the EP, we came up with THE most brilliant name for it today. We’re not going to say it but it’s absolutely brilliant.
Josh – We did have one name but a band we follow just released an album of the same name, so that’s out of the window. We literally were just walking around today and came up with a name.
Paul – We were literally pissing ourselves  for 5 minutes.
Josh – We were like ‘that sounds really good but also weird’ and people like weird don’t they?

I mentioned before some bands that you sound like before but who are you actually influenced by?

Jack – That’s probably that hardest question you could ask…
Paul  – We’ve all got three different music tastes.
Josh – When we first met I was listening to Gorillaz, Nirvana and obviously Maccabees. I suppose we were just a massive clash of music at first and it wasn’t going too well. For me personally, I really like The Cure and The Stone Roses and see them as influences. But yeah, Peace and JAWS have influenced us too just because they are from the same city I think.

What does the rest of the year hold for Breeze?

Paul – We know a little bit but it’s a bit scarce… We’ve been shortlisted for Truck Festival and Y NOT Festival.
Josh – We’ve been speaking to our promoters and they’re trying to get us on This Feeling sometime in November in Birmingham and London.
Paul – This fairly big band’s manager has been listening to our stuff and has said that they look forward to maybe working together in the future.
Josh – It’s all going really well, we’ve only been together for just under a year.
Jack – I’ve been in it for 10 months
Paul – It wasn’t really anything until you joined to be honest.
Josh – So it’s only been going properly for 9 months. This is our first festival, so we’re really excited.
Jack – We wouldn’t have thought we’d be seen in Manchester 9 months ago, we were sat in Paul’s loft back then.
Paul – We were still there a few months ago.
Jack – Yeah we do still sit in the loft because that’s were we practice.
Josh – Our first gig at the O2, that was massive for us playing in front of like 20 people. Now we’re playing Dot to Dot, which is one of the biggest Indie music festivals in the UK, and I can’t believe it man.

So you never know, B-Town may have it’s comeback. Now we just need to get Breaking Bad going again and somehow get rid of Years & Years and we’ll be back in 2012! Links to all of Breeze’s social media and music is below. Big thanks again to the Paul, Josh and Jack from Breeze for the interview and best of luck getting onto the Truck and Y NOT Festival line ups.

Liam Egan


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