‘The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It’ Track Review

“It’s recorded, we’re about to finish mixing next week and it’ll be out in a few months.”  That’s what The Maccabees had to say in February during the NME Awards when they were asked about their forthcoming album. Back in 2012, The Maccabees released their critically acclaimed album Given To The Wild and received a Mercury nod and since then they’ve been very quiet on the new music front. Well Maccabees fans rejoice because they’ve finally broken their silence and have released latest single Marks To Prove It.

With manic guitars from the offset that soar high into the stratosphere, this is The Maccabees returning at their best. Orlando’s vocals are still as spot on as always as they are sung over the frantic urgent melodies. Without any warning everything slows down as the band begin to recharge, so they can once again start their hectic offensive on the senses. Mixing elements from all three of their albums, The Maccabees have created a perfect balance to please all fans. Keys are then introduced which cause the track to descend like Alice falling into Wonderland. This juxtaposes the rising guitars, vocals and percussion, resulting in the two intertwining in a battle of who can take the forefront. With the organ coming out triumphant and closing the track, The Maccabees manage to capture and seize you in their spectacular musical brilliance. Striking, audacious and euphonious, The Maccabees once again display why they are one the best UK bands and show us that this wait was in fact worth it.

Liam Egan


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