The Arbourdecks Interview

Piling into the cramped backstage of the Castle Hotel, The Arbourdecks were joking away like they hadn’t got a very important gig in a couple of hours. Having to use an amp as a seat, we began talking about the origins of the band and what was next for The Arbourdecks.

Firstly how are you?

Dan – Yeah we’re good.
Jack – We’re wonderful.

Do you have any nerves for tonight? and if so then what do you do to get over these said nerves?

Louis – Not really but 15 minutes before we go on we will.
Dan – Yeah 10 to 15 minutes before we will but once we start playing it’s fine.

So tonight’s the single launch of Weekend, tell everyone a bit about the track.

Jack – Go on Dan, inform us all.
Dan – Weekend is sort of based on a template of a four minute indie rock ‘n’ roll song. It’s not too long and it’s a good track with lots of energy, it’s Libertine-esque. It’s big sounding, big chorus and has relatable lyrics.
Jack – Ripping ladies clothes off with the wave lengths.
Dan – Big choruses and good lyrics, there isn’t enough of it these days.
Jack – It’s something hard hitting.

Where did you go to record the track?

Dan – We recorded it in Sugarhouse Studios.
Louis – I can say nothing but good things about Sugarhouse. The guys there really helped us out because we ended up changing it a bit from what we originally had. If you look at the video for Weekend when we were at the Roadhouse, you can hear the difference. It sounds a lot better, everyone stands out a bit more now.
Dan – Yeah it was really good recording there, they did a good job on it. We did a real thorough recording that we were really pleased with.
Louis – Also if something didn’t work then they would say but they weren’t arseholes about it.
Jack – Good old guidance of the producer.

When you write tracks, do you all have creative input or is there one of you who likes to take control?

Dan – The direction we’re going, it’s more of a collective experience.
Jack – Dan is the main foundation.
Dan – I’ll normally write the chords and lyrics, sometimes me and Jack will collaborate on the lyrics. So yeah chords and lyrics then i’ll show it Teej and he’ll put his pedaltrain on it.
Jack – Teej applies the magic to it, Teej is the magic.
Louis – We’ve got to the point we’re we all know each other quite well, even though Teej has just joined.
Teej – Well I do know you quite well, we are cousins… (laughter)
Louis – We know now each other well enough to say ‘that doesn’t work, we need to change it’. It’s not as if we’re like ‘this is shit and I hate everybody, this is awful. I don’t want to be in this band anymore.’ It’s more constructive.
Jack – I see us as a creative brotherhood.

So this sound you have of big choruses that’s similar to The Courteeners and Catfish & the Bottlemen, are either of these influences or do you all have a variety of influences?

Louis – We’ve been asked that before and we all said different genres.
Dan – As a band, even though it’s an indie band, we all have different tastes in music and musical backgrounds, so we try and do things that haven’t already been done and add different things to it. Like Teej has a metal background, Jack has a jazzy punk background and Louis is psychedelia. So we just try and mix that with the formula that’s been tried and tested in indie music.
Louis – Sometimes we have tried to do it with everyone’s backgrounds and it just doesn’t work.
Dan – Yeah sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but what we’re playing tonight is a fair representation of what we’re all in to.
Jack – It’s good to make compromises to make things work.

How did The Arbourdecks initially start? What’s your origin?

Dan – I started The Arbourdecks with one of the former members Danny then we got Jack involved on bass. After that we had a couple of line-up changes with our drummer.
Jack – We then got the main man Ellis on the scene then we got his cousin, now we’re tearing shit up.

Is there any musicians that you look up to and think ‘yeah, I want to be like them one day’?

Dan – I’d say Jim Morrison.
Jack – Freddie Mercury.
Teej – Probably John Frusciante from Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Louis – I’m gonna say Kevin Parker from Tame Impala because of all the instruments he plays.

So finally what’s the plan for The Arbourdecks for the rest of 2015?

Dan – More gigs, more performing, get another single out.
Louis – Support someone who’s quite big, instead of these smaller gigs. I don’t want to say these gigs are bad but if we can get in there with a bigger band then that would really help us.
Dan – We just want to keep pushing and pushing.
Jack – We’re ready to progress aren’t we gents?

So if you want to catch The Arbourdecks live then you’re in luck as they are playing Gullivers in Manchester on April the 17th, tickets can be bought on the door for £5.

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‘The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It’ Track Review

“It’s recorded, we’re about to finish mixing next week and it’ll be out in a few months.”  That’s what The Maccabees had to say in February during the NME Awards when they were asked about their forthcoming album. Back in 2012, The Maccabees released their critically acclaimed album Given To The Wild and received a Mercury nod and since then they’ve been very quiet on the new music front. Well Maccabees fans rejoice because they’ve finally broken their silence and have released latest single Marks To Prove It.

With manic guitars from the offset that soar high into the stratosphere, this is The Maccabees returning at their best. Orlando’s vocals are still as spot on as always as they are sung over the frantic urgent melodies. Without any warning everything slows down as the band begin to recharge, so they can once again start their hectic offensive on the senses. Mixing elements from all three of their albums, The Maccabees have created a perfect balance to please all fans. Keys are then introduced which cause the track to descend like Alice falling into Wonderland. This juxtaposes the rising guitars, vocals and percussion, resulting in the two intertwining in a battle of who can take the forefront. With the organ coming out triumphant and closing the track, The Maccabees manage to capture and seize you in their spectacular musical brilliance. Striking, audacious and euphonious, The Maccabees once again display why they are one the best UK bands and show us that this wait was in fact worth it.

Liam Egan

The Maccabees Tour Preview

After the huge success of their 2012 Mercury nominated Given To The Wild, The Maccabees are back with with brand new single Marks To Prove It and a small intimate UK tour. The tour, which will take place in May, will visit Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London. Tickets are bound to sell out very quick, so if you’re wanting to go then you better get a move on. Tickets are available below.

Check out my other article on their latest single Marks To Prove It.

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The Arbourdecks Live Review – Manchester, Castle Hotel 28/03/2015

After the release of their debut single Weekend, The Arbourdecks were set to headline the Castle Hotel for the single launch of said single. In the small sweaty back room of the Castle, The Arbourdecks were about to showcase why you all should be listening to them.

Starting their set with the single that they came to promote and release, Weekend is a youthful and energetic track that isn’t afraid of what it is. Transferring brilliantly from the studio to live, Weekend is one hell of a tune that shows 4 minute indie rock and roll tunes are not dead and can still be brilliant.

The Arbourdecks then went into the single worthy Tripping. Boasting with the attitude of Oasis and The Stone Roses, the guitars on this track controlled the stage with their baggy wah-wahs. With killer bass work from Jack Clynes and gruff vocals from frontman Dan Auerbach, this track not only impressive live but also The Arbourdecks best track.

Next up from The Arbourdecks was Letting Down Your Guard. This was a much slower affair with powerful pleading vocals that fused Liam Gallagher and Morrissey together to create the ultimate Manc vocal. This ballad fed straight into Going Under, which exploded in a fierce uncontrollable fashion after a intense drum roll from Louis Ellis. The guitars from Taylor Finney were menacing as he was able to show how truly talented he is on lead guitar. Louis towards the end was just smashing his kit with such frenzied power. This is a type of track that would run away with your daughter if you gave it half a chance.

Any Other Way was a Libertine-esque riot that could easily have slipped into The Courteeners debut St. Jude or even The Inbetweeners soundtrack back in the day. With a sing-o-long chorus and brilliant chemistry, this track would even make Pete Doherty and Carl Barât proud.

To conclude the set was the 8 minute long Line Of Sight. Building from the offset, the band enter a drum solo which ends in a flurry of guitars that fill the room. With a much bigger crowd and dedicated fans, this track would be insane live. With Dan and Jack shouting ‘Go’ in unison, Line Of Sight goes into a Red Hot Chilli Peppers style finish. With a manic guitar solo from Taylor, this track is begging to played in a packed sweaty room. As you think the track is over, it has a new lease of life where everyone just jams as much as they can and it brings the whole night to a much deserved grand finale.

You can head over to The Arbourdecks’ Soundcloud now and download their single Weekend for free.

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