‘Jamie xx – Loud Places featuring Romy’ Track Review

Loud Places is second new track to come from Jamie xx’s album announcement and he pulls in his fellow bandmate from The xx Romy Croft to perform vocals. If you’re not up to date with this announcement then click here to head to my other Jamie xx review which should hopefully shine some light on the situation.

Starting with chimes and indistinct distant chatter, Loud Places is introduced with simple piano chords and Romy’s trademark whispered vocals. Jamie then brings in a sample from an Idris Muhammad track called Could Heaven Ever Be Like This which slots in perfectly. It gives Loud Places this gospel-esque vibe that will certainly bring everyone together at a festival. The track feels like one mass celebration. The jubilation this track gives off could easily make it a potential summer anthem. With the sound of clapping hands and an ensemble of voices singing in unison, Loud Places is one of the best dance tracks released in the last few years. Finishing on Romy delicately singing ‘You’re in ecstasy without me/When you come down, I won’t be around.’, Loud Places is up there with Jamie xx’s finest work.

So will Jamie xx ever disappoint? With this never ending form it doesn’t seem like it. With Sleep Sound and Girl also being included on his debut, In Colour is possibly going to be this year’s equivalent to Caribou’s Our Love and definitely one the year’s best records.

Liam Egan



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