‘Jamie xx – Gosh’ Track Review

OH MY GOSH (ey, see what I did there?), what a time to be alive for Jamie xx fans. Firstly having the stunningly beautiful Sunshine by him being renamed to Alba last week, now there has been an announcement that his debut album In Colour will be released in June. BUT OH WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!!! He’s only gone and released two new tracks with said announcement, Gosh and Loud Places. There’s just so much Jamie xx, I don’t know what to do with it all…

The first new track Gosh, which will be the opener of his upcoming debut album, is a journey in itself. Beginning with crunchy beats that sound like they’re going to burst into the Harlem Shake any moment, Gosh feels like it’s initially taking a similar route to another track by Jamie known as All Under One Roof Raving. The sample of ‘Oh my gosh’ fits in perfectly as more and more layers of beats get added. Dark, grimy and harsh, the beginning of Gosh sounds like a 90s ravers dream. But then out of nowhere this incredible synth induced keyboard solo comes in. With extended held out notes that sound like they’ve been sent from the heavens, this part of the track comes totally unexpected. Influence from Orbital can be drawn as the melody gracefully dances around like a ballerina. Every subtle change can be heard and it sounds gorgeous. Filling you up with it’s divine technicolour light, Gosh impresses and outdoes itself in just under five minutes. You start the track thinking you have it all worked out within the first couple of seconds but you leave totally bewildered and amazed.

Gosh is another example of Jamie xx’s pure talent and brilliance. Make sure you check out my review of his other new track Loud Places featuring fellow member from The xx Romy.

Liam Egan


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