‘Horsebeach – Disappear’ Track Review

After releasing a stunning debut album last year, Horsebeach are back with their new single Disappear . Written, recorded and produced by frontman Ryan Kennedy in his flat in Manchester, in a similar way to Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, Disappear is track you should really pay attention to.

Starting with warbling ‘Oooos’ and the signature guitar sound we’ve become used to from Horsebeach, you can already tell that Horsebeach’s sound is more sophisticated. With the addition of a stand out Wild Nothing-esque synth that illuminates the track, you wouldn’t be surprised if Horsebeach were signed to Captured Tracks. Reverb covered vocals from Ryan Kennedy sound better than ever and you can’t help but think that this may be Horsebeach’s best track yet. Two minutes in there is breakdown where we hear possibly the most drums that’s ever been included on a Horsebeach track. For the final third of Disappear, we enter a lush rich instrumental. Lavish guitars that bounce around you, the tranquilizing ‘Oooos’ return and the overall feel good sunny vibe create a finale that’s truly striking.

With Disappear, we see a much more developed mature side to Horsebeach, the addition of synths is something that should be explored more in Horsebeach’s discography. Ryan Kennedy’s song-writing is at it’s best and if this track alone is anything to go by, Horsebeach’s sophomore could be one of this year’s best albums.

You can stream Disappear below, as well as it’s B-Side Let You Down, on the band’s Soundcloud. You can also pre-order the tracks on their Bandcamp, where you can also purchase it on 7 inch (think there is only 9 remaining), for a 9th of March release..


Twitter – https://twitter.com/HorsebeachBand

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/horsebeachband?ref=ts&fref=ts

Liam Egan


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