‘Dotan – Home’ Track Review

How many of you can say you’ve performed in over 100 people’s living rooms? One man who certainly can is singer-songwriter Dotan. Based in Amsterdam, Dotan has played in over 100 homes of complete strangers and the result is his debut record ‘7 Layers’. Receiving major airplay from Radio 1 and a number 1 in Germany, Dotan is set to take the world by storm. The first track to be released from the album will be the track ‘Home’.

‘Home’ begins with sound of profound drums and subtle acoustic guitars, the type you’d expect to hear on Ben Howard record. Dotan’s hush and soothing vocals then take the forefront as the track builds momentum. The chorus then bursts open with waves of chanting monk-like vocals, similar to Bastille. With sweeping percussion and the delicate sound of a sparkling xylophone, Home manages to create a great warmth. As the track reaches it’s finale, the spiritual sounding chant of ‘We are coming home’ gets louder and louder as multiple layers are added until the chorus pours out in a grand fashion. Imposing, stirring and nostalgic, Home is a track that’ll be making it’s way up the charts in no time.

You can head over to iTunes to pre-order ‘Home’ for a release on the 23rd of March. You can also pre-order his debut album ‘7 Layers’, which will be released on the same date as ‘Home’.

Liam Egan


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