‘The Arbourdecks – Weekend’ Track Review

Who are The Arbourdecks? What even is an Arbourdeck? If you’re not already asking yourself these questions then you best start doing so. The Arbourdecks are a Manchester quartet consisting of Dan Auerbach (nope not the vocalist from The Black Keys), Jack Clynes, Taylor Finney and Louis Ellis and they have just released their debut single Weekend.

Weekend is a track that is bursting with energy and intensity that manages to capture the early essence of The Courteeners. The track begins in such a way that you’d think it’s come straight off Catfish and the Bottlemen’s debut. The guitars command the track from the get-go and Dan Auerbach’s vocals are incredibly reminiscent of  Liam Fray. Out of nowhere the steady flow of the track changes as it gets injected with a sudden surge of urgency as the guitars pick up their pace and the track goes into full swing. With a chunky bass and Libertine-esque drumming, you can certainly hear their influences coming through. That’s not a bad thing though, bands shouldn’t be afraid to show their influences on their debut track.  Boasting it’s youthfulness and vitality, Weekend it’s certainly a track that will ingrain itself into your brain for weeks to come.

You can listen to Weekend below on the band’s soundcloud, where you can download it for FREE as well, how nice of them ey? Also tickets for their single launch at The Castle Hotel in Manchester on the 28th of March can be purchased below.

Tickets – http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/The-Castle-Hotel/The-ArbourdecksWall-Market-RacketeersRinseBlunderbuss/12339563/

Also like them on Facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/TheArbourdecks?fref=ts

and follow them on twitter here – https://twitter.com/TheArbourdecks

Liam Egan


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