Slaves Interview

Currently on tour with Palma Violets, The Fat White Family and The Wytches, Slaves are probably one of the UK’s busiest bands. Being announced for virtually every festival under the sun and a debut album being released in June, 2015 is going to a big year for the band. After seeing them perform in Manchester last night, I got the chance to speak with vocalist and drummer Isaac Holman about everything from Alan Titchmarsh joining the band to the story behind the ‘Feed The Mantaray’ music video.

So you’re well into the NME tour, how’s it gone so far?

It’s been incredible, the reaction from the crowd each night keeps getting better and better.

What’s it like touring with these other great bands?

It’s rather surreal to be honest. We’ve been fans of Palma Violets for a long time and The Wytches are amazing. Being able to tour with bands that we actually listen to is a real honour really.

Last night in Manchester the crowd reaction for you was incredible, how did you think it went?

As I said, the reaction is so amazing everywhere we go. After the first night in Sheffield we were like “Surely it can’t be like this every night” but it is, we’re having a really good time.

Your debut ‘Are You Satisfied?’ is out in June, what can we expect to hear? Anything drastically different?

It’s more of the same but I feel like the music we’re making now is a lot more developed then our older tracks. I just think the music is sounding better and better.

Any track in particular you can’t wait for people to hear?

Really I just want to release the album now and let everyone hear it. I really like the album title track, people won’t expect it. It has a really mellow tone to it. It’s Laurie on his guitar and me sat at a piano, it’s really different for us. But yeah I can’t wait to get the new music out there.

The video for ‘Feed The Mantaray’ looks like something Noel Fielding would come up with, who’s idea was it? 

Me and Laurie were sat in a Kebab house one afternoon with our manager and we just started to come up with ideas. Once me and Laurie start bouncing ideas off each other, we don’t stop. We came up with this idea for the video and got the same director that we used for last video. At one point we thought we wouldn’t be able to do it but in the end it worked out and it came out crazier than we imagined.

You’ve been announced for festivals all over, do you prefer festivals or your own gigs?

Well they’re completely different so you can’t really say. With festivals you can have loads of people turn up and that’s wicked. With your own gigs though people have come to see you and that’s really nice.

You mentioned on your Facebook that you wanted Alan Titchmarsh strumming his corduroys as a new member of Slaves, any news from him on the offer? 

Nah no luck there mate ahaha

You have quite a presence on social media, is this something you enjoy? Being able to interact with fans? 

We never went out of our way to become this ‘presence’ on social media because it can be quite a horrible thing social media. In the long run I suppose social media is good and it’s great to be able to interact with fans. Overall though, I find social media quite sickening.

Finally why should everyone go out and buy ‘Are You Satisfied?’ when it’s released in June?

If you like social commentary then I think you should get it. Also if you like our previous songs then you should check it out. It’s just full of silly mad songs really.

If you want to catch Slaves live then catch them on the NME tour, you can buy tickets from the link below.

You can also pre-order Slaves’ debut ‘Are You Satisfied?’ in the links below and Slaves’ website.

Thanks again to Isaac and Slaves for the interview.

Liam Egan

Photo credit to Max Phythian, Twitter and Instagram – @I_AmAHorror


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