‘Swim Deep – To My Brother’ Track Review

‘Where the hell are you?’, this is a question that many Swim Deep fans have been wondering for a few months now. After the mad rush to get their debut Where The Heaven Are We? released, Swim Deep seemed to disappear after they got their tour over and done with. But this is no longer the case as Swim Deep are back with new track To My Brother, accompanied by a string of live dates at tiny venues around the UK.

To My Brother is vastly different to anything Swim Deep have attempted previously. Essentially at it’s core it’s a modern day Madchester track, even though they’re from Birmingham (can’t think of any clever puns)… This mixture of Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses in all honesty comes as a real surprise. I hate to use this word, as it gets used every time a band go away for a bit to make new music, but they sound like they’ve matured musically *violently vomits due to the use of musically maturing*. As soon as the baggy beats start you are warped back to the early 90s. Any moment Bez could pop out and start yapping on about anti-fracking. The track is packed full of synths and the aura is so carefree, it’s got an almost gospel vibe to it. If you don’t experience any joy whilst listening to this track then I feel bad for you. It just induces pure happiness and injects you with euphoria. You could even draw similarities with 90s band Lighthouse Family, who are fucking incredible and you can’t deny it. Finishing on mulicoloured guitar solo, To My Brother marks the return of probably one of the UK’s most elated bands.

So yeah, it’s a rather good track. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of Swim Deep’s second record follows this Acid House trip. Not many bands are exploring this, with Jagwar Ma being only the band who’s making some noise in the genre. Listen to To My Brother below.

Liam Egan


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