‘Spector – All The Sad Young Men’ Track Review

“Having worked on this album for over a year, I’m so glad that people are finally getting to hear it,” This is what frontman Fred Macpherson had to say about their second record when speaking to The Quietus. I think I can vouch for everyone and say we’re glad to finally hear it too, well a track from it anyway. This August marks the third year anniversary of their debut Enjoy It While It Lasts, been a long time since we first heard Celestine being shouted in faces ey? It’s not like Spector disappeared completely, with tours and frequent festival coming the norm over the last couple of years. New material however was rather sparse. Since their first album we’ve only officially heard two new songs, multiple videos of other new songs from gigs have surfaced online but we’re not going to count them. They’d release a single then go back to work on their album. It was nice when they’d release something but it started to get worrying. With Chris Burman leaving the band, people started to think if this could lead to a break up. Thankfully they didn’t and now we’re here with new single All The Sad Young Men. Also Spector have teased us and have revealed that their album will be out sooner than we think, so probably a mid to late spring release. Anyway enough of the facts, lets talk about the track.

It begins with a droning synth that thumps it’s way into a new wave sounding synth. It sounds like Spandau Ballet are going to pop up. But no, frontman Fred Macpherson steps in and delivers some of the best vocals he’s ever sung on a Spector track. As the track progresses, the synth becomes more prominent and starts to take the forefront. Then it all explodes in a flurry of intense luminosity. It sounds like it’s come straight from the 80s and it’s absolutely brilliant. The chorus is stereotypical Spector, with a catchy vocals and melodies that are made to be seen live. The final chorus upstages the whole song as it just does everything the track has already done and multiplies it by ten. In the interview with The Quietus, Macpherson revealed that “All The Sad Young Men is one of the tracks that took us the longest to get right because of how much it meant to us.” and you can tell that he’s not lying there. The passion in his vocals is remarkable, he sounds like he’s pleading with someone to believe every word he says. The production on the track is also so stellar, it’s sounds so clean and fresh. There’s also a little call back to their track Celestine with the lyrics ‘We were all beautiful now, like they were beautiful then” and “All the miserable girls”, which is a nice little treat for their fans.

In the interview with The Quietus, Fred also said that “I’m pretty sure it’s the best song we’ve written” and I have to agree. This much mature and darker Spector have created a track that sounds unlike anything about at the moment and they now have the opportunity to impress everyone.

Liam Egan



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