‘The 1975 – Medicine’ Track Review

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny how successful The 1975 are. Personally I have a weird relationship with them. I absolutely adored their first three EPs. They explored other genres outside of their usually sugar-coated indie pop and created tracks that had a really ambient ethereal feel to them. Then the fourth EP was released which was abit meh and then their début came out. In my opinion their début dragged on too long and contained too many songs that sounded the same. Also I was disappointed that there wasn’t many tracks on the album that explored this electronic M83 style that they adopted early in their career that made me initially fall in love with them. However, recently lead singer Matt Healy said that their next album will go back to their roots and they will try to incorporate this electronic style, WHICH IS EXCELLENT NEWS!!!! Also this might get rid of some of their painstakingly annoying One Direction fans…

But let’s get back to the topic of the article. A couple of weeks ago, Zane Lowe announced that he was going to re-score the Ryan Gosling film Drive. Drive, being one of my favourite films, is well known for it’s perfect soundtrack that incorporates 80s sounding synth led songs to an atmospheric ambient score created by Cliff Martinez. Amongst the artists that Zane Lowe picked for the project was, yep you guessed it, The 1975. This could only mean one thing, The 1975 were definitely going to go back to their roots for this track.

Medicine kicks off with a plethora of synths. They are everywhere and are swirling all around you. It’s incredibly atmospheric and immersive. Then comes to introduction of lead guitar which is soaked in reverb. The melody it plays glistens and sparkles like the lights of a city skyline. Matt Healy’s vocals are also covered in reverb, which helps add to the atmosphere. Also, for those who moan about his whiny vocals, his voice has a mollifying quality to it which is a nice change.  He sings about how in love he is with a girl and how she is his ‘Medicine’. Yeah it’s a bit cheesy but bear in mind this is a band who’s other songs are called ‘Girls’ and ‘Chocolate’ (yes I know it’s not actually about chocolate). One little addition that The 1975 include that is definitely worth noting is the use of steel drums. Steel drums usually make a song 100 times better and that is certainly the case here. The track then ends with a 150 second instrumental that slowly eases you out of the song. It’s up to you what you do here, either contemplate life, enjoy the gorgeous synths or just be happy that The 1975 might be back to their early days.

Liam Egan