‘LUH. – UNITES’ Track Review

With a crippling hangover, 3 hours sleep and a full day at University, I was almost certain that today wasn’t going to be one the best days I’ve had in my 18 years of existence. However, all this changed in a matter of seconds. On the bus journey home, I saw on Twitter talk of ex-WU LYF’s frontman Ellery James Roberts making an official comeback under the name LUH. (which stands for Lost Under Heaven). All of a sudden everything was brilliant. Those mind numbing lectures no longer mattered, THE PREACHER IS BACK PEOPLE!!!!!I ran off the bus and rushed to my room so I could hear the genius once again (In the process of rushing I tripped over my traffic cone in my room but let’s not talk about that…)

LUH. is a new project from Roberts and also features Ebony Hoorn, who plays and helped produce the track. Paired with the track is message that tells us what the track is about “A song of longing for balance in a world where we slump & grind to a senseless algoriddim of fractious complexity. A song for lovers, numbered by the placid plateau of conform-core modernity. The personal is political as never before, and all those that make the choice to step away sing Luvah’s Song. I wrote this for you, for her, for every longing breath lost under heaven’s refracted light.” This is the first bit of new material from Roberts in over a year, last we heard from him was when he released the ethereal KEROU’S LAMENT (犠牲). But enough of the facts, lets get reviewing.

Well, where to start? WU LYF’s reverb soaked guitars make a return and they play this wonderful melody that plays throughout the majority of the track. Ellery’s signature vocals still sound as powerful and pain-stricken as ever. He sings every song like it could be his last and this is no different here. The emotion behind each lyric is unbelievable. The atmosphere builds and builds with the introduction of drums that sound like they could pierce through your soul. All this swells until it explodes around the 3:30 mark and backing vocals from what i’m guessing is Ebony Hoorn come in, along with pianos. It’s utter madness and it’s truly beautiful. Everything Ellery Roberts creates is on such a grand epic scale and it’s always mesmerising.

So he’s returned better than ever and, in all honesty, I’m not surprised. WU LYF had the potential to be iconic but sadly their time ran short. But from these two songs released post WU LYF tell us that Ellery was WU LYF. WU LYF will never die, just evolve. I can’t wait to hear what else LUH. have recorded and I hope this time we don’t have to wait another year to hear more…

Liam Egan