Jagwar Ma Cover Solange – Losing You

In the second instalment of this cover song article thingy (can’t think of a name for it yet), we’re looking at Jagwar Ma’s cover of Solange’s track Losing You. Before Jagwar Ma even got their hands on it, Losing You was already a banger. Beyonce’s younger sister had released one of the best tracks of 2012 and showed everyone the correct way to make pop music.


So get one of the best tracks from the last few years and couple it with one of the best artists from recent memory and BOOM you’ve got a winning combination right there. They give it the whole Jagwar Ma treatment, so plenty of dance beat loops, stellar vocals and chilled vibes, and it’s a million times better than the original. If you haven’t already heard it then what are you playing at? Like seriously, what have you been doing this past year? Go below and click that play button, thank me later.


Liam Egan


‘Candy Darling – Money’ Track Review

Candy Darling are a three piece from Bristol who seek influence from bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide and Fever Ray. With their music being described as “Proper thrilling dark pop music” by the BBC, Candy Darling have just released their debut single ‘Money’ and are guaranteed to attract some buzz around them if tracks of this quality continue to roll out.

‘Money’ is a track that exudes confidence and gets right in your face. With menacing guitars and powerful vocals from frontwomen Emily Breeze, Candy Darling have joined the ever growing list of bands with a strong female lead. It’s good that we’ve had such a sudden flux of female fronted bands, such as Perfect Pussy and Wolf Alice, as it takes attention away from all the shit #LAD bands and it shows that gender shouldn’t be an issue in the world of Indie/Rock music. Anyway back to the track… Throughout ‘Money’ there is a ominous buzzing sound that is coupled with sinister keyboards that add to whole in your face attitude of the track. It’s like the track is telling you to fuck off and it’s absolutely brilliant.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy ‘Money’.





Liam Egan