‘JAWS – Swim’ Track Review

With their long awaited debut album finally approaching its release date, JAWS have given us another slice of what we’ll get to hear when the 15th of September rolls round. This time we are treated to a track called Swim and it’s everything you’ve come to expect from JAWS.

The intro calls back to the early days of JAWS with a synth induced melody that is heavenly to listen to. Fans of JAWS’ track Toucan Surf will love this new addition to JAWS’ catalogue. From there we hear the trademark reverb vocals from frontman Connor Schofield as he sings ” and in my dreams I swim away with you”. The guitars jangle and twang away to help create the perfect track for the summer, even though that’s said about every JAWS track… Just before the final chorus, Connor lets outs an ‘ahh’ and everything descends in a spiral of reverb, synths and phosphorescent guitars. For the last 40 seconds of Swim you are in a stasis of absolute bliss.

Once again JAWS have produced a brilliant track that doesn’t just feel fresh but also pays tribute to JAWS’ earlier work. I can’t wait for their record to come out in September because, from what we’ve heard already, it’s going to be special and worth the wait.

Liam Egan


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