‘Grimes – Go feat. Blood Diamonds’ Track Review


It’s about time we heard some new music from Grimes right? After her amazing album Visions that she released back in 2012, we’ve been waiting desperately for more (well I have anyway). Well wait no more because she’s back with a new track called Go, which features musician Blood Diamonds.

Straight away you realise Grimes is taking a new approach. The vocals are clearer and it doesn’t sound like Grimes in all honesty. Grimes sings her way into a trap drop that with no doubt will be embraced by the mainstream. I’m not saying it’s a band thing because, as dance tracks go, this certainly is  good one. It’s incredibly polished and the production value is brilliant. Go will be insane live and I hope to see it one day but I just feel a tad disappointed by it.  If I had heard Go and not been told it was by Grimes then I wouldn’t have known it was one of her tracks. I know artists should develop their sound but Go at times sound like too much of a change from Visions and her previous work. Grimes shouldn’t have to rely on trap drops and such, she’s a good enough musician without them. I don’t know, this whole situation has got me confused but the more I listen to Go the more I like it. I’m sure the rest of her new album, scheduled for next year, will be amazing and by then I may love Go.

But hey this is just one man’s opinion and I’m sure lots of Grimes’ fans are happy. Listen to Go below, which also features a download link.

Liam Egan






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