‘Lucy Rose – Cover Up’ Track Review

Lucy Rose’s debut Like I Used To arrived back in 2012 and instantly became one of my favourite albums of that calender year. It was an album you couldn’t help but fall in love with. It was an album full of heart and one that really rooted itself into your emotions. But since then Lucy Rose has been quite absent from the music scene. Apart from popping up on festival bills occasionally and featuring again on Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest full length, Lucy Rose’s whereabouts has been rather unknown. Then out of nowhere Lucy treated us to us a new song and guess what? IT’S FREE!  It’s called Cover Up and it’s the first glimpse of what direction Lucy has taken for her sophomore, which she promises to be released early next year.

Straight away you notice a real departure from Lucy’s earlier work and that is the heavy use of drums included in this track. It’s not like drums were completely missing from her previous work but here they are a lot more prominent. It gives the whole track a HAIM vibe to it. Not just because of the pounding drums but also the vocals. They flutter through the air like a moth and the entire track has great similarities to HAIM’s Forever. These similarities at the end of the day aren’t that greatly obvious and it’s probably just me nitpicking. One element that I’ve still not mentioned is a melody that seems to be played by a Chinese Guzheng that plays throughout the track. It adds this East Asia feel to the track that i’m guessing Lucy picked up when she was working with Bombay Bicycle Club and their latest album So Long, See You Tomorrow. Also the fact she’s been travelling the world may have helped a tad.

So I have to say I really like Cover Up. It’s a departure from her usual style but i’m really buying into it. The bellowing drums in particular give Cover Up a really lively feel to it that i’m sure will be a real treat when seen preformed live. So just more of this please Lucy, that’ll be great.

Listen to Cover Up below and download it for free.

Liam Egan


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