‘Black Honey – Sleep Forever (Demo)’ Track Review


Black Honey were first brought to my attention only a couple of hours ago by Owen Riddle (fellow musical enthusiast who writes for the blog Don’t Look Down… at the URL http://musicandotherthingz.com, should check him out).

Sleep Forever is the debut track from English band Black Honey and , from early indications, I can’t wait for what else they have in store for us.  The track begins with a guitar twanging away in what feels like desolate surroundings which, with no doubt, will be compared to Lana Del Rey tracks such as Blue Jeans. Then the lead female vocals swoop in and are sung so naturally by the vocalist that it just oozes cool and everything sounds unbelievably tranquil.  They reverberate through the air and totally captivate you. At the 2:40 mark the instrumentation takes control and creates this musical interlude that has an ethereal quality to it and it’s truly wonderful. The simple melodies of the shimmering guitars and uncomplicated percussion grip you and it leaves you wanting more.

A lot of people are going to be comparing Black Honey to Lana Del Rey and I don’t think that’s really fair because Black Honey have, in my opinion, created a track that’s better than anything Lana Del Rey has ever produced. Also did I mention, it’s only a demo. Now that’s really exciting.

Liam Egan



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