‘Courteeners – Summer’ track review

Before we get started let’s get one thing straight, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Courteeners. Granted there are a few tracks in their back catalogue that I really like such as Are You In Love With A Notion, which came from their third album Anna, and you can’t deny that Not Nineteen Forever has got tune written all over it. But apart from these select few songs, I never really ‘got’ the whole Courteeners thing. However being from Manchester, isn’t it the law for me to be in love with them? This isn’t the case and I class myself as a casual fan.

When I heard that a new Courteeners song had graced the world, I was optimistic. I hoped for something in the same vein as their track Are You In Love With A Notion. Sadly this wasn’t the case.

Summer is certainly a tune crafted for the summer and festival season. Everything just casually plods along without a care in the world. It’s a pleasant track but there is nothing really special about. From the first beat to the abrupt ending, Summer never seems to go anywhere. It fails to grab your attention. Courteeners have created a track that seems like it’s not bothered if it doesn’t get listening too. ‘Fine if nobody wants to listen then we’ll just keep strolling on without a care in the world’ is the attitude this track gives off. I was hoping Courteeners would come back with really catchy track that shouted ‘LOOK AT ME!!!’. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and we were given a track that I can’t help but feel disappointed about. Also two and a half minutes in there is this awful whistle solo that just adds nothing to the song. It’s like Liam Fray was walking around the recording studio with his hands in his pockets thinking of what to put in this part of the song and he randomly started whistling as he thought and was like ‘That sounds mega like, let’s stick that in’.

Hopefully the rest of their 4th upcoming album Concrete Love doesn’t continue like this and I’m sure it’ll produce some absolute tunes. As for the album artwork for Concrete Love, the less said the better.

Also for those Courteeners fans I’ve most likely pissed off, remember, it’s only my opinion.

Liam Egan


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